What is breast cancer?

When breast cells grow uncontrollably or forms a single lump of meat, it's called tumour. And if it turns into cancer, it will be identified as Primary Stage cancer. It's called Secondary Stage cancer if the infected cells spread around. Though the way of treatment for it varies in some cases, both men and women can have breast cancer. Yet, women have a higher degree of possibility of getting infected.


The more one ages, the more vulnerable he/she gets of catching cancer. Beside this, it can happen also if there is/are cancer patient(s) in the family, breasts get unreasonably big or the body gathers extra fat. Let's know right now how to check breast cancer

Physicians use various kinds of treatments for breast cancer. Death risk falls down to a significant deal if breast cancer is identified at the primary phase. One must take into consideration the 'Clinical Trial' before he/she plans to get treated. It helps to get newer ideas regarding the treatment with the help of research. Besides, it can help anticipate whether the newer method of treatment is effective or not, and to what extent. It makes the comparison between traditional ways and modern ways of treatment possible. For cure one should plan the entire method of treatment with the help of a Multidisciplinary team. Such treatment is usually conducted by Surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, Radiotherapy and Targeted therapy.

As for Primary Stage cancer, surgery could be the first step. The removal of just the infected part of breasts is called Lumpectomy and Mastectomy is the removal of the entire breast. Tumour and the infected tissues around it are removed during surgery. During the surgery and post-surgical period, it's necessary to take care of physical and mental health through physical exercise and to stay mentally strong.

The need for radiotherapy and chemotherapy arises after surgery as surgery can't cure cancer entirely. So, chances of catching cancer again is still possible. Radiotherapy is the way by which cancer cells are destroyed with highly powerful X-ray. Radiotherapy is usually applied after the surgical scars dries away. It lessens the possibility of catching cancer again. As for chemotherapy, cancer preventing drugs are used to destroy the cancer cells.

An updated method of this age is targeted therapy. It destroys the infected cells only keeping the normal cells unaffected. In addition to this, it doesn't let the cancer grow or spread fast. Targeted therapy has been found successful as an alternative for chemotherapy in many cases. Also, the side effects are negligible here if compared to chemotherapy.

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